How to tell if a girl likes you

Updated February 21, 2017

As tough as dating can be, the toughest task of all may be at the beginning when you are trying to tell if a girl really likes you or not. Is she really flirting or brushing you off? Did she really turn back and wink at you or was it at someone else? Fortunately, there are a few basic signs you can look for to see if a girl really likes you.

Check for eye contact. If she looks directly at you and her pupils are dilated, she is definitely interested. Also, see if she blinks more than usual or flutters her eyelashes.

Check her crossed legs when sitting down. If the front foot is pointed or rocking towards you, it's a sign she wants to get closer.

Watch for hand gestures. Twirling her hair, playing with jewelry, rubbing her wrists and exposing her palms are all nervous signs of interest.

Wait and see if she touches you in any way. That's almost the number one sign she likes you.

See if she talks more about herself or you. If she asks you a lot of questions, she wants to know as much about you as possible.

Pay attention to her voice. It's a good sign if she tries to match your tone by raising or lowering her voice or talking faster or slower.

Say something funny and laugh. If she laughs back, she either thinks you're funny or wants you to believe so.

Watch for conversation about exes. If she asks about ex-girlfriends, she wants to know if she's your type. If she talks a lot about ex-boyfriends, she's probably not looking for a relationship now.

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