How to handle your wallet being stolen

Updated February 21, 2017

Your wallet holds cash, credit cards and personal information and is often the target of thieves. If someone does steal your wallet, follow these steps to mitigate the pain.

Report the theft of your wallet to the police as soon as possible after it happens. Follow up after the initial report if you get additional information or suspect that your credit is being used by the thief.

Cancel all credit and debit cards immediately. Most credit card companies won't hold you liable for losses on your stolen card, as long as you report the theft immediately. You may wish to follow up an initial phone call with a letter to make sure you preserve your legal rights.

Cancel any cheques that were stolen. Although the thief may only have access to a few cheques, he or she has valuable information that could be used for purchases online and by phone.

Call your insurance companies and order replacement cards. You don't want to handle additional headaches if you need to use insurance services and you don't have your card available.

Contact HM Revenue and Customs if the wallet contained your National Insurance card. You can get a replacement card and ensure that no one uses your information fraudulently.

Change the locks in your house if you had your house key in your wallet. Although most thieves probably wouldn't barge into your home, being safe is better than being sorry.

Inform the DVLA if you need to replace your driving licence. Find out what information you need to provide to prove your identity.

Carry less in your wallet. Keep your cash in a weighted money clip. Never carry more than two credit cards at a time. If you don't think you'll need your debit card, leave it home. Leave at home any cards you won't be using on that particular day.


Be aware of your surroundings, especially your home, after the theft of your wallet. Remember, someone has your address and other personal information and may attempt to cause you further headaches and heartache. If you see anyone lingering, call the police immediately.

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