How to Find the Best Nail File

Nicely shaped and manicured nails have always been the mark of a well-groomed person. This is as true for men as it is for women. The right nail file can make the task of grooming your nails a piece of cake.

Choose different nail files depending on whether you have natural or artificial nails. Natural nails need a finer grit than artificial nails, which are tougher than your own.

Opt for a professional-grade nail file or emery board with the grit marked on it. The higher the number, the finer the grit.

Choose a nail file with two different grits to get the most versatility out of your nail file. You'll use the coarser grit for the initial shaping of your nails and the finer grit for the finishing touches.

Consider a permanent file to save money in the long run. Permanent files have grit made of crushed stone. Diamond will last the longest, but can be expensive. A good low-end choice is a garnet file.


A 100/240 grit file will give you one side for shaping nails and the other for smoothing them. It's a good all-purpose file for both natural and artificial nails. Coarse grit works well for shaping and sculpting artificial nails. The finest grits (in the 900-2400 grit range) do an excellent job of smoothing ridges and removing yellowish stains from your nails.


Never share your nail file with anyone else, and don't use others' files on your nails. Sharing nail files can spread nail fungi.

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