How to hide your profile on Facebook

Updated February 21, 2017

Facebook offers several levels of privacy protection, including hiding your profile from certain people and/or offering a limited profile. With just a few tweaks of the settings, you can easily set exactly who sees what on your profile.

Sign on to the Facebook home page with your email address and password (see Resources below).

Click on "My Privacy" to change who can see your profile. The My Privacy page lets you adjust each feature of your Facebook account separately. If you only want to hide certain features, like the mini-feed or photos, then adjust only those preferences.

Click on "Edit Settings" for the limited profile. You will land on a page with a preview of your current limited profile.

Choose all or none of the Facebook features you want people to see on your limited profile. To completely hide your profile, make sure all boxes are unchecked before hitting the "Save" button.

Add people to the limited profile list from the My Privacy page. People you put on the list can only view the features you let them see. They will still be your friends, however.

Head to the "My Privacy" page while logged in to Facebook.

Search for users to add to the "Block People' list. You can add any user on Facebook. Once added, that user will not be able to view any part of your profile or find you when doing searches. This is the best way to hide completely from someone.

Find the user you want to block and simply click "Block Person" next to his or her name.

Click "Remove" next to the person's name if you later decide you don't want to block the person. If the person was your friend on Facebook, you will have to request to be his or her friend again.


If you use the privacy settings on Facebook properly, you can control every aspect of your profile and who sees it. See the Help section for more information on setting the various privacy levels (see Resources below).


The only way to truly hide on Facebook and completely protect your identity is to delete your account entirely. Otherwise, you must add each person you want to hide from individually.

Things You'll Need

  • Facebook account
  • Computer with Internet access
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