DIY: Preserving Bridal Bouquets

Updated April 17, 2017

A wedding bouquet is one of many items brides wish to preserve after their special day is over. How you go about preserving your flowers will depend on your budget. Like most brides, you've probably already spent a fortune on your flowers, so why break the bank preserving them?

Purchase silica gel from a local craft store. Silica gel is a popular item used to preserve bouquets because it draws moisture from the flowers and leaves. Begin by covering the bottom of an airtight container, large enough to hold your bouquet, with a thick bed (approximately 2 inches) of silica gel.

Place your flowers into the container on top of the layer of silica gel. If they are open flowers like roses, stand them upright. Leaves can lie flat.

Add silica to the container until the flowers are covered. Do not simply pour in the gel. If the gel is added too hastily, you will crush your flowers, so take your time. Be sure that flowers are standing up so that they are not flattened, and so that each individual petal receives silica covering. Arrange the silica around each flower so that it is supported upright.

Cover the container with the lid to begin the drying process. Check on the flowers after two days to see the progress. Some flowers will need more time to dry, some need less. Checking them on a regular basis will ensure they are dried to your satisfaction. If the flowers are left too long they will become too dry and will break.

Remove the flowers from the gel once they have dried. Be very gentle as you do so. Carefully remove any granules of gel that are inside your flowers. Once they are all removed, arrange as you wish and place into a vase for display.


If you have pets or children, be sure to take extra precautions not to drop any gel anywhere they may access it, as the gel may cause harm if swallowed.

Things You'll Need

  • Bouquet
  • Silica gel
  • Large plastic or glass container with lid
  • Vase
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