How to Do a Forehand Drive in Table Tennis

Once you've mastered the forehand push, use the forehand drive to add some power to your game. Unleash into the ball with everything you have on this shot, as long as you can keep it under control.

Notice the ball coming to your forehand.

Assume a somewhat sideways ready position.

Pivot your hips back into a big backswing. The bigger the backswing, the more power you generate. Rotate your shoulders so that your nonracket shoulder points toward your opponent.

Cock your wrist down and hold the paddle at about waist height, at the peak of your backswing, so that your stroke on the ball is upward.

Swing forward with your body first, uncoiling your hips as you pivot.

Accelerate your forearm and wrist to strike the ball at the high point of its bounce.

Keep the face of your paddle slightly closed (facing down) as you strike the ball. Your paddle should be moving at maximum speed as it strikes the ball. Topspin is generated in this shot by keeping your paddle closed and swinging upward on the ball.

Follow through so your paddle is pointing where you want the ball to go. Try not to let the paddle swing across your body. The tendency on this swing is to try too hard and end up overshooting the table.

Concentrate on keeping a smooth swing from start to finish.


Practice this swing without the ball. When you are actually playing, you won't have time to think in terms of step-by-step motions. Learn control and slowly add power to this shot.

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