How to change formats on Netflix using the PS3

Written by hannah read | 13/05/2017
How to change formats on Netflix using the PS3
The Playstation 3 accommodates several different aspect ratios that can be used for Netflix. (Courtesy of Netflix)

The Netflix video-on-demand application allow you to watch a variety of different films and TV programmes over the Internet, on several different platforms including the Sony PlayStation 3. On the default settings of the application, letterbox bars are present when watching a film or TV programme, but you can adjust these to a different aspect ratio format using the PS3's operating system menu.

Turn on the PS3 by pressing the “On” button until the light turns green and the start-up menu is displayed. Use the D-pad on the controller to navigate to the left of the screen until “TV Services” appears. Select this option, and then navigate downwards until the “Netflix” option is highlighted. Press the “X” button on the controller to select “Netflix” and wait until the main screen appears.

Return to the main menu by pressing the “Playstation logo” button in the centre of the controller, so that the “Netflix” application is kept running in the background. Navigate to the left until you get to the “System” option. Keep pressing down until “Video settings” is highlighted. Select this option.

Keep scrolling down until you come across the “BD/DVD Upscaler” option. Select this option using the “X” button on the controller. To access the side options, press the side button on the D-pad. Scroll down to the “Full Screen” option and select this using the “X” button to remove the letterbox bars.

Return to the main PS3 menu by pressing the “O” button on the controller. Navigate back to the “Netflix” option, and return to the running application by pressing “X” on the option, so that you can use the application with the new formatting option.

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