How to finger knit a hat for a beginner

Finger knitting is a great way to introduce both children and adults to the skill of knitting and knitting patterns. It is a good way to introduce the craft as it can be learnt at anytime in any place. All that is required is a ball of wool or other suitable yarn. Finger knitting, as the name implies, uses fingers instead of needles to produce work. This means that the work can be carried out, literally, at the drop of a hat.

Place one end of the ball of wool or yarn between your index finger and your thumb. Grip this end of the wool tightly so that is securely clamped between the two.

Run the line of wool in and out of your remaining fingers, similar to the action of a slalom skier. When you reach your smallest finger at the end of your hand simply work your way back to your thumb but this time alternating the route that you have just taken. For an in-out action on your first pass, change this to an out-in action on your second pass. For example if the wool was passed under your middle finger on the first pass it should be passed over it this time. Continue to your thumb.

Secure the end of the wool that you initially held between your index finger and your thumb. This can be done by trapping it between the index and middle fingers and and allowing the already woven wool to grip it.

Weave back across your hand, once more in the opposite route to the previous pass. Upon reaching your smallest finger, lift the bottom ring of wool on your smallest finger over the finger and let it fall behind your hand. You should now repeat this for every bottom ring on your hand. Repeat this process from smallest finger to thumb and back again, each time lifting the bottom ring of wool over the fingers to add to the collection behind your hand.

Weave the wool until the collection behind your hand reaches approximately 12 inches in length. Remove the final rings of wool from your fingers working from smallest finger to thumb and add them to the collection behind your hand.

Cut the line of wool leaving approximately 10 inches in length. Secure the end of the line of wool to the final loop that is removed in a tight knot.

Double your knitted material by carefully folding it in half. Cut another line of wool from the ball. this should be slightly bigger than the total outer edge of the current knitted material. secure one end of the line of wool to any corner of the knitted material.

Run the line of wool, from the corner area, in and out of the doubled material so that it is securing each folded half of material together. You should now see the beginnings of your hat taking form. When you reach the opposite corner of the knitted material secure the line, taking care to leave a hole big enough to place the hat on your head. Repeat this until the line of wool has been used and the form of the hat is tightly secure.

Tie off any remaining ends of wool so that they cannot be seen whilst wearing the hat. Try on your newly knitted hat. The size can be varied slightly by pulling gently down when the hat is placed on the head.


Use a thicker line of wool to begin with.

Things You'll Need

  • A ball of wool or yarn
  • Scissors
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