How to find PID for Kindle & iPhone app

Updated April 17, 2017

If you have a number of books from Kindle you probably already know that you are blocked from reading them in any reader application other than Kindle. The Kindle system encrypts files so they can only be read by a specified Kindle reader. The encryption method uses your Kindle’s serial number and a personal ID that was assigned to you as a Kindle buyer. However, you are not allowed to know your PID. Fortunately there is a way to find your PID for Kindle and the iPhone app.


Check the box your Kindle reader came in. This has a 16 digit serial number printed on it. The number is expressed as four groups of digits with the groups separated by spaces.

Go to the home page on your Kindle device and select the settings page. Type in “411.” You will be shown a page that includes your Kindle’s serial number.

Open your favourite browser on your home computer and go to the Preston Lee Kindle Tools page (see Resources). Enter your email address and the serial number without the spaces and press the “Calculate” button. This will generate your PID.


Connect your iPhone to your computer. Open iTunes and give it a moment to detect your iPhone.

Look in the left panel of iTunes to find the listing for your phone in the “Devices” section. Click on “Summary.”

Click on the words “Serial Number.” This will show your 40 digit identifier.

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