How to make a chocolate bar Halloween costume

Updated February 21, 2017

The joy of making your own Halloween costumes is that you can become your own gooey centre to your favourite chocolate bar costume. You can also then wrap yourself in the chocolate fashion of your choice, such as a rich purple for example. Be aware, though, that many people may be tempted to open up a corner of your costume and lick you or nibble off your corner.

Fit a cardboard box over your head as the top of your chocolate bar. The box size will depend on your body size, but the cardboard box should be slightly wider than your shoulders so you can use it as a starting point to hang the rest of your costume from.

Cut a face hole in the front of the cardboard box so your face holds the box steady on your head. Cut small at first, try it on and then enlarge the hole gradually so you have a snug fit.

Paint the cardboard box with chocolate brown paint and let dry.

Put on your chocolate brown undergarments so that your limbs appear to be extensions of the chocolate bar.

Wrap the purple felt around you to assess how much felt you will need to cover your front, back and sides down to your feet, with plenty of room to spare so that the outfit doesn't follow the contours of the body, but rather will hang straight because you will attach the felt to the cardboard box. The amount of felt you need depends on your height and girth.

Glue the felt to the bottom edges of the cardboard box all the way around and try it on. Ensure that the back edges of the felt can close up together to form the back of the bar, and locate where your arm holes should be.

Take off the outfit and cut out armholes and then glue the back edges of the felt together so your chocolate bar is fully wrapped up.

Find a font on your computer that looks like the writing on your preferred chocolate bar. Print out the letters that you need in the size and colour that you want and cut them out using scissors.

Place the cutout letters onto your purple felt and stick them on securely using fabric glue. This is where the chocolate bar comes in as a design template, so hopefully you will not have eaten it in the time you've spent making the costume.


As you are a tasty character, other Halloween partygoers might get hungry looking at you, so if you are a kind and generous chocolate bar, you will carry lots of mini-yous to give out as gifts.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard box
  • Chocolate brown paint
  • Chocolate brown leggings
  • Chocolate brown longsleeved top
  • Purple felt
  • Fabric glue
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Chocolate bar as a template
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