How to make a fake oxygen tank

Oxygen has been used as a medical therapy since the 19th century when oxygen began to be given as a treatment for certain medical conditions, according to the Medical Dictionary. Since being used in the medical industry the use of oxygen tanks has spread to other areas, such as scuba diving and in space by astronauts. Because of the varied uses of oxygen tanks the creation of fake versions has become a popular craft completed around Halloween and for fancy dress parties when people dress as astronauts and divers.

Making a fake oxygen tank

Wash out the two bottles using soap and water and set aside to dry after making sure they are rinsed free of soap. Cut any parts of the bottle cap from the neck of the bottle using scissors or a knife.

Spray the soda bottles with spray paint ensuring the entire bottle is covered in white, black or silver paint. Set aside to dry for at least two hours or until the bottles are no longer tacky to the touch.

Cut aquarium air hoses or a garden hose to size and place one end onto the neck of one of the soda bottles. Repeat the process on the second soda bottle of cutting the hose to size and placing it over the neck of the bottle. Tape the hoses into place on the necks of the bottles.

Tie the two fake oxygen tanks together with string and make two separate loops of string to allow the proposed wearer to slide their arms through the string and wear the tanks on their back.


Oxygen tanks can be tied to a backpack when used as part of an astronaut backpack. Smaller bottles can be used when creating a costume for smaller children.


When using spray paint make sure the area used is well ventilated.

Things You'll Need

  • Two 2 litre plastic bottles
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Aquarium air hoses or garden hose
  • String
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Black, white or silver spray paint
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