How long can I voice record on my HTC?

The HTC range of phones offer users the option to voice record using their device. This is popular with students, as many like to record in lectures. However, it is also a popular way for people to create their own unique ring tones and simply pass the time and have fun with their device. The possible length of voice recordings will depend on several factors.

Voice recording on the HTC

Check your user manual to find out if your phone allows you to record sound files. Most HTC smartphones offer users a voice recording application that allows them to record sound and save it onto their device. This file can then be shared using methods such as; Multimedia messaging, Facebook, and applications such as Whatsapp. However, as with video recordings, the duration that you can voice record for is limited and will depend on the phones available memory.

Familiarise yourself with your phones voice recording application. The possible duration of a voice recording is dependent on the phones total available memory. Normally, the more memory your device has the longer you can record for. Many of the newer phones allow users to keep recording a continuous file until their memory has been filled. Other devices limit the length of a single recording and will stop once a set time has elapsed. All possible duration's will depend on the device you own.

Find out what available memory your phone has by referring to the user manual. All phones have internal memory, however it is sometimes possible to extend your phones memory by adding an SD card. This isn't always an option as not all devices have a slot for an external memory card. For example the HTC One has either 32GB/64GB of total storage available depending on the model you buy but it doesn't offer users and SD slot.

Extending phone memory

Check if your phone has an SD slot, you can find the information in your phones user manual. If your phone does have a SD slot then you can extend it's storage capacity by adding a card into it. Most of the newer phones have a space for an SD card, which can be purchased from many retailers. Some HTC phones, such as the HTC ChaCha require you to have an SD card in order to use the voice recorder.

Free up space on you phone by removing any unwanted or unnecessary applications. Move files to your computer or to an online storage space if you have one. This will help to keep your phone free of clutter and enable you to make more voice recordings if you are running out of space.

Remember that using the voice recorder will drain battery power faster than everyday use such as making calls. If you are out and about when voice recording remember to take your charger with you.

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