How to add a title to an Excel chart

Updated April 17, 2017

Adding a title to a chart in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software helps the chart to stand out on the page, which is particularly useful if you plan to send or display the data to other people. A title should clearly explain the purpose of the chart so that readers don't have to try and work it out for themselves. Use the built-in Chart Title tool in Excel to add prominent titles to all chart types, from bar graphs and pie charts to scatter and area graphs.

Open the Excel worksheet that contains the chart you want to label. Alternatively, add a chart to a new or existing worksheet -- click the "Insert" tab on the top menu ribbon, and then click to select your preferred chart type in the Charts tools group. For a newly created chart, add data to the chart in the usual way with the "Select Data" tools.

Click on the chart to highlight and select it in the worksheet. Excel automatically displays the Chart Title box above the data area in the chart.

Select the Chart Title field and paste or type your preferred title in the box. If you want a title to extend over more than one line, press the "Alt-Enter" keys on your computer keyboard. If you're happy with the appearance of the title, save the worksheet to store your changes. Alternatively, follow the next steps to change the position of the title on the chart.

Click "Chart Elements" with the "+" icon in the top right of the chart. Select the arrow button beside "Chart Title" and then choose a chart title position by clicking "Centered Overlay" or "More Options." From the more options menu, select the chart title flyout setting and drag the title box to your preferred position on the chart. Save your work when you're happy with the position and appearance of the chart title.


You can customise the title with font faces, styles and sizes by right-clicking the title and choosing "Format Chart Title" to launch the format toolbar that contains font formatting options.

Excel lets you use existing chart text as the chart title. Click to select the "Chart Title" box, and then type "=" symbol in the worksheet's formula bar. Click to select the cell with the text you want to use as the title, and then press "Enter" on your keyboard.


The information in this article applies to Microsoft Office Excel 2013. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions of Excel.

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