How to plan a Sex and the City party

When planning a “Sex and the City party,” it’s important to concentrate on three main areas: drinks, outfits and ambience. Anything else that you choose to include in your party preparations, such as stylised invitations or clips of your favourite episodes, will be bonuses for your guests to enjoy. What "real" Sex and the City fans will be hoping for, and what your party mustn’t do without, is outright New York City style. Every single idea must be sexy, fashionable and chic.

Have fun creating chic party invitations. Keep the colour scheme of your invitations as simple as possible. Go for chic colour combinations. Black and silver is a great option, but pink and white, to match the title shot of the movie, is also an effective idea. Take the time to write the invitations yourself by hand, using good quality gel pens, as Carrie is a fan of the personal, creative touch.

Get the lighting just right. Whether you decide to rent a space or hold the party in your own home, the lighting for a Sex and the City party is crucial. Lighting can either be really flattering or a real disaster. It’s best to create a lighting design which illuminates from the ground up, or which is based entirely on the use of soft lights. Fairy lights are a great option. Groups of candles can work really well too. Avoid overhead lighting or lighting which will make your guests feel like they are in the office.

Invest in a professional caterer. Carrie and the girls would never do their own catering, so splash out on this element of your party and get a professional to do everything for you. To generate a real Sex and the City vibe at your party, you’ll need to get people mingling and so a sit down meal is not the way to go. It’s best to have a menu comprised of finger-food that people can nibble on whilst chatting with other guests. Consider throwing in some real New York City favourites to create the illusion of being in the Big Apple. Small squares of New York cheesecake is a really good idea. Sushi would also go down very well.

Consider hiring professional waiters and waitresses too. You’ll want to enjoy your party and so it’s best to avoid having to be overly-concerned about the welfare of your guests. Hire two or three people to continuously pass by with food on offer to keep guests happy.

Serve cosmopolitans in sexy, cocktail glasses. A “Sex and the City Party” is not the place to serve beer. You might get away with wine or champagne, but if you really want to give your guests the Carrie experience you must serve cosmopolitans. If you have no idea how to make a cosmopolitan, hire a professional barman to serve drinks all night long.

Give guests the option to arrive in fancy dress. Not everyone enjoys attending fancy dress parties, so be careful about enforcing the fancy dress rule but there might be a number of Sex and the City fans who would love the excuse to be able to dress up as one of their favourite four. There may even be a male guest who’s dying for the opportunity to arrive to your party as Mr. Big. Make sure your guests know that fancy dress is allowed and perhaps even offer a prize to the best costume as a way of giving guests more of an incentive to get creative. As the host/hostess, you too might want to attend your guests dressed as your favourite character.

Organise the entertainment. You can keep things simple by hiring a DJ to play the most up-to-date music from the very best cocktail bars in New York City, or you can choose to be a little more creative and have the “Sex and the City” soundtracks played throughout the evening. If you are hosting the party at home, you could also have some of your favourite episodes playing in the background.

Send people home with a Sex and the City gift. You could choose something really simple, like a Starbucks mug, or you could choose to be a lot more creative. You might want to try your hand at writing your own love column entry as though you were Carrie Bradshaw and have it printed out for all your guests to take home as a keepsake.


Decide what kind of Sex and the City party you wish to host. You might want to restrict your guests to female friends and make the entire evening all about being gorgeous and female, or you might open up the event to partners who want to come in fancy dress as the partners from the show. Think carefully and be clear about the kind of party you are hosting when sending out the invitations.


Never cut-back on costs. The show is all about luxury, which means your event must be incredibly classy. Quality must always come before cost.

Things You'll Need

  • Party invitations
  • Gel pens
  • Lighting design
  • Finger-food menu
  • Cocktail ingredients
  • Cocktail glasses
  • Sex and the City soundtrack
  • Favourite episodes of Sex and the City
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