How to tether my Samsung

By tethering your Samsung you will be able to use it as a modem and share it's Internet connection with other devices. The method used may vary slightly for each device. Here we will focus on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and how you can use it's Wi-Fi and "Personnel Hotspot" features to connect other devices to the Internet as well as a USB connection. In order to use the "Personnel Hotspot" feature you will need to be on a mobile plan that allows you to use them.


Turn on the Samsung. Pull down the Notification drawer from the top of the screen and tap on the "Settings" cog in the upper right. This will open up the "Settings" menu which has four tabs. Choose "Connections."

Next select "Tethering and Portable Hotspot." This screen will allow you to select to turn Mobile Hotspot to "On." By doing this you will have turned on the devices "Personal Hotspot" with its default settings and password.

If you are subscribed to a plan that allows you to use a personal hotspot, this will switch to On and the connection details will be displayed. The default setting is for a secure connection and uses the Galaxy S4 name.

You can choose to customise the name and change the password of your hotspot. To do this tap on "Configure." It is highly recommended to carry out this step as leaving your network open would allow others to connect and use the limited data on your account.

After changing the name and password press "Save." Now that you have created this hotspot you can can use another device such as an Xbox or PC to search for and use your Samsung Galaxy S4'S internet connection.

Whilst on a personal hotspot you are likely to use large amounts of data. To help ensure this doesn't cause any nasty surprises on your bills you can set up alerts for your data usage. To do this go back to "Settings," choose "Connections" and tap on "Data Usage." You can then drag the slider to set a warning after a certain amount of data is used in a billing cycle.

Tethering using a USB connection

The other method to tether the Samsung S4 is to use the USB tethering mode. To do this connect the USB cable to the phone and then plug it into your PC or other device you want to get internet access to.

Next, pull down the Notification drawer from the top of the screen and tap on the "Settings" cog in the upper right. This will open up the "Settings" menu which has four tabs. The settings will open up the last tab that you used, so if it's not already there choose "Connections." Tap "More networks." Tap "Tethering and Mobile HotSpot." To share your connection, tap "USB tethering" to select the check box. When finished sharing your connection, tap USB tethering to clear the check box and disconnect the USB cable.

If using the USB tethering method you might find your PC requires drivers in order to make it possible. You can download these from:

Things You'll Need

  • Your Samsung Galaxy S4
  • The device you want to tether your Samsung to.
  • USB Cable (If you want to connect using a USB connection instead of Wi-Fi)
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