How to walk in a fracture boot

A fracture boot is often recommended by medical professionals to support a sprain or fractured bone so that the healing process can occur more effectively. Also known as medical boots, cam walkers or foot braces they can differ in structure to allow the patient limited range of motion or complete rigidity. Duke Orthopaedics suggests using crutches to help with mobility, while also keeping the weight and pressure off the injury.

Use crutches or hold onto a friend or wall until you are steady on your feet. On your other foot, wear a style of footwear that is of the same heel height as the fracture boot. This will maximise your stability.

Place your booted foot forward and position it squarely on the floor. Slowly transfer your weight forwards, increasing the weight on your injured foot.

Slowly bring your back foot forwards. Shift your weight to the good foot as you move forwards. If you are using crutches, you can use these to bear some of your weight.

Repeat this pattern of movement to continue walking. Start slowly with small steps gradually increasing your speed and stride length as you grow accustomed to the fracture boot.


If using crutches, wear long sleeved garments to avoid chafing.

Wear a sock under your fracture boot to avoid it irritating your skin.


If you are walking for the first time since your injury, make sure you have a friend or relative to help you to avoid falling.

Things You'll Need

  • Crutches
  • Something or someone to hold for support
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