How to create a pink flamingo costume for Halloween

Stray from the standard vampire, witch or cat costume this Halloween and opt for a more original and colourful idea such as a pink flamingo. It's a fun and easy outfit to throw together at home. All you need is some pink clothing, lots of pink feathers and a dash of creativity.

Wear all pink. Purchase a pair of pink leggings or tights and matching pink vest top or corset. A pink tutu would also look great too. Try to match the pink colours as closely as possible. Attach lots of pink feathers to the body of your costume using fabric glue. You can buy pink feathers in a haberdashery or use the feathers from a couple of pink feather boas or feather dusters.

Make a flamingo mask for the top half of your face. Draw the shape onto a piece of pink cardboard making sure the width of the mask is big enough to cover your face. Make some holes for the eyes. Cut out the mask with a pair of scissors. If you don't have pink cardboard, you can make it pink with some pink paint or felt-tip pen. Stick some more pink feathers to the top of your mask like a headdress. For the beak, you can either make it part of the mask or colour your nose in black.

Make a small hole on each side of the mask around the temples. Cut a piece of elastic thread that's big enough to stretch around your head and tie it to the holes so that the mask fits snugly around your head.

Make your flamingo wings using a pair of pink fairy or angel wings that you will find at any costume shop. Decorate them by sticking the remainder of your pink feathers to the wings.

Add some glamour to your flamingo bird costume with a pair of high heels and some glittery make up. Before you leave for the party, practice balancing on one leg like a flamingo to get into character.


If you really want to make a statement, dye your hair pink too.

Things You'll Need

  • Pink feathers
  • Pink feather boas
  • Pink clothes
  • Fabric glue
  • Cardboard
  • Pink fairy wings
  • Elastic thread
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