How to copy the PowerPoint background to another presentation

Updated April 17, 2017

Many companies use Microsoft PowerPoint templates with a background image featuring the organisation's logo, house colours or even a collage of promotional photos. PowerPoint also comes with a selection of background images and styles that you can use for personal or business projects. The background colours, images, patterns and text fonts and styles are all contained in the presentation's master slide and you can copy this from one PowerPoint presentation to another if you like the design and want to use it again.

Launch PowerPoint. Open the presentation that contains the background image you want to use and also open the presentation into which you want to paste the design.

Click the "View" tab in the main menu bar of the presentation that contains the design you want to copy, and then click the "Slide Master" option in the pull-down menu. Right-click the slide master thumbnail in the pane, and then choose the "Copy" option.

Select "Switch Windows" under the View tab, and select the presentation in which you want to use the design.

Click "View" and then select "Slide Master." Right-click the slide master in the thumbnail pane and choose the "Keep source formatting" option with the clipboard-paintbrush icon. Select "Close Master View" to exit the slide master pane and complete the procedure.


Some presentations include more than one master slide so that you can select from different layouts. In this situation, scroll through the thumbnail pane to select the master slide with the background image you want to use.

You can add a photo to any PowerPoint slide by clicking the "Insert" tab and then selecting the "Picture" option.


Always ask before using someone else's PowerPoint design because the image or layout might be subject to copyright.

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