How to convert an iPlayer file to AVI

Most "iPlayer" files stream online with "DRM" (Digital Rights Management) protection which disables them from being used on unsupported devices and for only a limited amount of time. This guide will show you how to remove "DRM" protection and convert "iPlayer" files to "AVI." format so they can be viewed at your leisure.

Find software which will enable you to convert your "iPlayer files" to "AVI." format. Many of the programs available on the internet are free of charge and simple to use. One such free program is "Aimersoft DRM Converter" which can be located in the resource section beneath.

Make sure your "anti-virus software" is enabled and download software program of your choice to enable conversion.

Open the program and read the "help section" which will help guide you through the process and give you a basic outline of how the program works.

Check you have enough Hard drive disk space. "AVI." files can be fairly large once converted and you need to make sure you have enough space to store the files in.

Load your "iPlayer" files to the program. Start converting them to "AVI." format being sure to save the files in your desired destination. This is normally a very simple case of clicking a few buttons but sometimes can be more complex. Always read the "help section" of the software you are using.


Always use "antivirus software" when downloading programs or "add-ons" from the internet.

Things You'll Need

  • "DRM converter" software
  • "iPlayer" files
  • Hard drive space
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