How to correct men's wrinkled patent leather shoes

Patent leather shoes can be challenging to maintain. General wear and tear, exposure to heat and improper storage can cause creases and wrinkles to appear. To extend the life of patent shoes, regular maintenance is essential to keep the pristine shine and leather supple. If your shoes do develop wrinkles, there is a solution to smooth them out.


Stuff the insides of the shoes with scrunched-up newspaper. Push the paper firmly so that it smooths out the wrinkles.

Heat the iron to a medium temperature.

Place the brown paper over the wrinkled area of one shoe. Unplug the iron. Press the iron gently over the paper area. Move the iron in circular motions making sure it does not touch the patent leather. The heat will gradually soften the leather and smooth the wrinkles.

Remove the brown paper from the shoe and then take out the newspaper. Insert a shoe tree inside the shoe. Adjust the shoe tree so the patent leather remains smooth. Repeat the iron technique with the other shoe.

Polish the shoes with castor oil. This will keep the patent leather supple and reduce the risk of further wrinkles. Leave the shoes to sit overnight with the shoe trees inserted.


Polish the shoes after each use to maintain the supple leather and shine. If shoes get wet, dry with a cloth before storing. Store the shoes with the shoe trees inserted every time.


Never use a hot iron on the shoes without brown paper to avoid damage.

Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper
  • Iron
  • Brown paper
  • Castor oil
  • Shoe trees
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