How to make an above-ground preformed pond

Most preformed ponds are intended to sit at ground level in specially shaped holes. However, some preformed ponds on the market are made to sit above ground. You can site them on patios, decks or other firm, level, debris-free garden areas. It is usually easier to assemble a preformed pond than build one from scratch.

Unpack the parts. Refer to the parts list in the assembly instructions to check all parts are present. These will generally include panels, liner bag, underlay, pump and all fixings. Some kits even include a screwdriver. Contact the shop where you bought the kit or the manufacturer if any parts are missing.

Screw the panels together using the brackets and screws provided. Different kits have different numbers of panels. In the case of the Affinity Half Moon feature pool, for example, there are seven panels.

Sweep the chosen site to ensure there are no sharp stones. These may puncture the liner bag. Place the underlay over the area. This will provide a soft, protective base for the pond liner bag.

Turn the pond upside down. Attach the strengthening braces. Screw the feet into place. Turn the pond over again.

Place the pond on the underlay. Fit the liner bag into the pond. Use the screws provided to attach the reinforced top edge of the liner to the panels, via the pre-drilled holes. Leave one or two screws out until you have fitted the pump.

Sit the pump in the centre of the pond for maximum efficiency. Run the cable over the top of the pond liner and out through a gap in the panel weave. Connect the pump to the mains via a circuit breaker.

Add water to the pond via a hosepipe, up to the bottom of the rim. Plug in the pump and check it is working. It is better to test a pond pump in water, rather than dry, according to pump repair expert Phil Cross. Add water treatments to keep the water clear and safe for fish.

Buy fish from a reputable aquatics dealer. Introduce them to the water following specific breed guidance. Mix different breeds carefully, following the dealer’s recommendations Add plants and other decorative additions as required.


Ensure young children are supervised carefully when playing near the pond.

Things You'll Need

  • Preformed pond kit
  • Screwdriver
  • Sweeping brush
  • Hosepipe
  • Circuit breaker
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