How to add Torrents to Vuze

Updated April 17, 2017

Vuze is a file sharing client that uses the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol. When you download a file with Vuze you do not request it from a server, but the client searches the Internet for people online who have already downloaded a copy of the same file. The process starts with a BitTorrent file. This file usually ends with the “.torrent” file extension. It is a very small file that contains just enough information to enable the Vuze client to find sources for the file it points to. There are two methods to add torrents to Vuze.

Automatic launch

Download a BitTorrent file by searching on a BitTorrent search site, like isoHunt. This is not the file you want, but is an instruction file for the Vuze client.

Double click on the downloaded file. It will automatically load into your Vuze browser and the client will start contacting seeds for the file. If Vuze is not open at the time you click on the BitTorrent file, opening the file will provoke Vuze to open.

Troubleshoot failure to launch. If clicking on the BitTorrent file does not open Vuze you probably don’t have an association set between Vuze and BitTorrent files. Click on the right mouse button when the cursor is over the BitTorrent file you want to add to Vuze. Select “Open With” from the right-click menu. Click on “Choose Program from the next menu. Click on the Vuze icon in the “Recommended Programs” section of the “Open With” window. It will probably be labelled “Azureus.” Click in the “Always use the selected program ...” check box to make the association of BitTorrent files to Vuze permanent. Click on “OK” to launch the file in Vuze.

Within Vuze

Open Vuze. It does not matter whether you currently have files downloading. They will not interfere with any new torrents you add to the list.

Click on “File” in the menu bar and then hover over “Open” from the next list of options, click on “Torrent File.” This will open the “Open Torrent” window.

Click the “Add Files” button. This will open a file browser window. Navigate to the directory to which you downloaded the BitTorrent file. Click on the file and then press the “Open” button. You will be returned to the “Open Torrent” window. Click the “OK” button. The new torrent will load into the list of active torrents in the Vuze browser.

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