How to cover a bald spot with a hair piece for women

Hair loss can be a sensitive subject for women, causing them to become self-conscious about other people noticing bald spots. Thinning and balding can be caused by many things, including diet, harsh processing, health conditions such as alopecia or medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Fortunately, hair pieces provide a wide range of options for disguising bald spots, either by covering the whole head or blending in with a woman’s natural hair. Choosing the right hair piece can be a subtle and stylish way to give the appearance of a thick, healthy head of hair.

Choose the most suitable hair piece. The wide range of hair pieces available can be daunting and the first step in covering a bald spot is to narrow down the options. If the bald spot is small and subtle or thin hair gives the appearance of a bald spot forming, hair extensions can be an option. More extensive hair loss will require a wig to cover the whole head. While pieces made from human hair can look more natural, they are also much more expensive than those made from synthetic hair.

Decide how permanent the hair piece will be. Semi-permanent pieces that are attached to the scalp may not be the best idea for people who are just beginning to experiment with hair pieces as they are only removed around once every six weeks and can lead to further hair loss. If the bald spot is temporary and caused by something such as a styling error, a temporary hairpiece can be attached with clips of tape. However, semi-permanent attachment options can be easier to maintain and give peace of mind to people with more long-term hair loss problems.

Attach hair extensions to disguise mild problems. Areas of thinning or very small bald patches can be covered with hair extensions, where similar human or synthetic hair is clipped in or bonded to existing hair to make the hair look fuller, longer and to disguise imperfections on the scalp. This can be one of the cheapest and most natural-looking ways to hide subtle hair loss problems with hair pieces.

Blend a partial hair piece with the rest of your hair. Partial hair pieces are most effective when they are custom-made and designed to cover a specific area of hair loss. They can either be attached with tape, semi-permanent glue or clips and a good colour match will allow the hair piece to blend in well with a woman’s natural hair.

Cover serious hair loss problems with a wig. Women with large bald patches or patches in more than one area can benefit from covering the head with a wig as partial hair pieces will look messy and will not account for any new bald patches appearing. High-quality wigs can look very natural but must be cared for. Turning the wig regularly will prevent excess wear in one area while wig conditioning products and brushes will maintain a natural, glossy effect.

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