How to make your coal stove burn all night

Make your stove to burn all night. You need to combine the correct fuel with the correct stove management techniques. You can add fuel to an existing fire or start a new one. Either way, if you get it right, you will wake up to the pleasant heat of a stove that has been warming your home all through the night.

Order a fuel that is a dried and refined form of lignite made into briquettes, such as Woodcoal Briketts. These are approved by HETAS and will burn overnight, according to Woof! Wood Fuel. After you take delivery, store them somewhere dry so they do not perish. Bring some to your stove just before you plan to go to bed.

Open the stove door. Use kindling and paper to prepare the fire. Place kindling on the floor of the stove. Twist or screw up sheets of old newspaper and add them to the kindling. Place 5 to 10 briquettes on top.

Open the air vents on your stove. Strike a match. Light the newspaper. Close the stove door. Add more briquettes and adjust the air vents to produce the required heat output when the fire is going. The stove should burn all night.


If your stove is already alight, add more briquettes before going to bed. Close the stove door. Adjust the air vents.


Put a fireguard around the stove for safety during the night.

Things You'll Need

  • Lignite briquettes
  • Kindling
  • Newspapers
  • Matches
  • Fireguard
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