How to defrost lamb chops

Updated April 17, 2017

Cooked lamb chops are tender pieces of lamb that provide an ideal accompaniment to foods such as roast potatoes and freshly cooked vegetables. Freezing offers a convenient way to preserve lamb chops, as they remain fresh for only a few days when stored in a refrigerator. Place lamb chops into plastic freezer bags and freeze them on the day of purchase. You can defrost lamb chops prior to cooking them by using one of three safe defrosting methods: refrigerator defrosting, cold water defrosting or microwave defrosting.

Refrigerator defrosting method

Remove the frozen lamb chops from the freezer and take them out of their freezer bags. Space out the lamb chops on a large plate or in a large bowl to enable air to circulate around each chop and assist the defrosting process.

Wash your hands and then place the plate of lamb chops into a refrigerator. You should place the chops on a shelf below any fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables to avoid cross-contamination of raw meat with uncooked foods.

Leave the lamb chops in the refrigerator to defrost overnight. Store the defrosted chops in the refrigerator until needed, and cook them within three days.

Cold water defrosting method

Place the frozen lamb chops into a water-tight container, such as a tightly-sealed plastic bag. Submerge the bag in a bowl of cold water and leave the bag in the water for 30 minutes.

Discard the water from the bowl. Pour fresh, cold water into the bowl. Leave the chops for a further 30 minutes. You should apply 30 minutes of cold-water immersion for each 450 grams of raw, unfrozen meat, and therefore a small package of frozen lamb chops should defrost in cold water within an hour.

Discard the water from the bowl and remove the chops from their water-tight bags. Once thawed, cook the chops immediately.

Microwave defrosting method

Remove the frozen lamb chops from the freezer and take them out of their freezer bags. Place up to three frozen lamb chops onto a microwave-safe plate. Wash your hands and then place the plate of chops into the microwave.

Refer to your microwave manufacturer's guidelines to determine the number of minutes needed to defrost lamb chops. As a general rule, lamb chops should defrost in a microwave within approximately 7 to 10 minutes.

Adjust the microwave time to its "thaw" setting and let the chops defrost for the recommended number of minutes. Once defrosted, cook the chops immediately.

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