How do I do a messy ponytail?

Messy ponytails can help to add an effortless style to your look. Worn in the daytime, a messy ponytail can look fashionable yet casual. Team it with a glitzy dress in the evening, however, and the hairstyle can look edgy and glamorous. This versatile ponytail is a great choice for a day-to-evening style and just a little preparation means that the hairstyle will be easy to maintain throughout the day, causing far less anxiety than immaculate styles that are ruined by the slightest gust of wind.

Work some dry shampoo into unwashed hair. Messy ponytails work best in hair that hasn’t been washed for a couple of days. Dry shampoo will stop hair looking greasy and while the style benefits from the texture of hair that is not over clean. If you prefer to wash your hair every day, apply your favourite styling product to towel-dried hair. Products such as hair mousse work as a great base for this style, helping to keep hair in place as well as helping to create texture.

Create texture. The first step to creating texture is to comb hair with your fingers instead of using a brush. If your hair is naturally very straight, braid you hair while it is drying or use curling tongs to create waves and break them up with your fingers to give the hair an interesting natural texture.

Build height and volume. The key to show-stopping messy ponytail is making the hair big dramatic before fixing it into place. Tousling the hair with your fingers will help to create overall volume while the crown requires extra attention. Backcombing the hair on top of your head, then building height by pinning one section at a time on top of each other will give the style a soft, feminine shape.

Pin or tie the ponytail in place. After fixing the hair at the crown in place, the next step is to create the ponytail. Comb the hair into place at the back of your head with fingers, ensuring that the volume on the crown and in the body of the ponytail stays intact. Next, tie the ponytail in place by wrapping a hair band around it. Alternatively, use hair grips to pin one section at a time into a ponytail shape can create a loose, romantic ponytail look. The messy ponytail can be worn high, low or even on the shoulder.

Hold the style in place. Now that the messy ponytail has been created, it must be fixed to make it as easy to maintain as possible and to prevent flyaway strands of hair. Spray hairspray over the whole style, making sure to tease ends and pull out any loose pieces of hair required to complete the look before committing with the final spritz of hairspray.

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