How to send music to someone via a text message

Sometimes, words just can’t say everything that you want to tell someone. Fortunately, modern mobile phone technology means you can augment your text message with a media file, be it a picture, a short video clip or a music file. As long as you have a multimedia phone, you can send music via a text message very easily. The instructions are very similar for all makes of mobile phone.

Press the primary “On” button on your mobile phone to turn it on or activate it from sleep mode. This will take you to the main menu, typically a series of icons on the screen.

Touch the screen icon labeled ‘Messages” or similar. Alternatively, you can use the “Menu” function to bring up a list of applications. Use the scroll buttons to highlight the “Messages” function, and press the menu or “OK” button to select it.

Select the option to write a new text message. This will be labeled something like “Create a Message,” “Compose” or “New Message.”

Enter the mobile phone number of the person you wish to send the message to into the “To:” box. Either enter the number directly using the numbers on the keypad or use the “Menu” option to access the contact numbers you have stored on your phone. Scroll to the name of the recipient and select it with the menu or “OK” button.

Write a text message in the provided space if you wish. You don’t have to, you can just send the music file.

Select “Options.” This will typically at the bottom of the text message screen. You will select it either by touching the screen or using the keypad. Choose “Insert,” “Add Attachment” or “Send File” from the “Options” menu. Select “Music or “Song” from the resulting menu. The phone will automatically redirect you to the folder where music files are stored on your phone. A list of the music files -- typically listed by song name or artist -- will appear.

Scroll through the music files to find the one you want to send. Click on it, either using the touchscreen or the “OK” button. The music file is now attached to your text message and you will be redirected to the text message screen. Click “Send.” The recipient will receive the text message with the music file attached.


Check with your phone carrier that your service includes multimedia messages. Some services do not. Also check the terms of your contract to see if multimedia messages accrue any extra charges.

The music file must be stored on your phone to be sent in a text message. You can download music files from your computer or from websites if your phone has Web capability.

Things You'll Need

  • Mobile phone
  • Music file on phone
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