How to sync a Kindle to an iPad

Amazon offers a free Kindle app for the iPad that enables you to sync all of your purchased content to the Apple tablet. In addition the app keeps your reading in sync across all of your devices (iPad, Kindle, computer, mobile), so you can pick up from where you left off. To use the Kindle app for iPad you'll need a registered Amazon email address and password to confirm your identity and access your content. You can purchase as well as read e-books on your iPad.

Tap the "App Store" icon on the iPad home screen. Enter "kindle" into the search box and tap "Search" to run the query. When the Kindle app released by Amazon appears, tap "Free" and then "Install App" to download it to your iPad.

Tap "Open" when the installation is complete to launch the app. Enter your Amazon account email address and password then tap "Register this Kindle" to log into your Kindle account and access your content.

Tap any e-book or file to download it to your iPad. Tap again to open it and begin reading. If you have already started reading the e-book on a Kindle or another Kindle app, you'll be taken straight to your current position. Any reading progress you make on your iPad is synced back to your other devices.

Tap the home button to return to the library screen. From here you can tap "Device" to see e-books that have been downloaded to the iPad.


To change the display settings for the Kindle for iPad app, tap the "Aa" icon when viewing an e-book. The background colour, font, text size and brightness can all be adjusted.

Tap the settings icon (a grey cog) on the Kindle app home screen and then tap your registration details to de-register the device. The app can be removed like any other app on the iPad -- press and hold its icon until it starts to shake, then tap the cross button and choose "Delete."


It is not possible to purchase e-books from the Amazon library through the Kindle for iPad app. You must log into your Amazon account via a Web browser on the iPad to purchase new content.

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