How to post a YouTube video to someone's Facebook wall using an iPhone

Updated July 11, 2018

The YouTube app for the iPhone has a built-in Facebook sharing feature, but it only allows you to post the video to all of your friends, not directly onto your friend’s wall. Doing this on the iPhone may seem confusing, and can be irritating if you want to share a video on-the-go. However, there is a simple workaround that allows you to do this, so you won’t be limited in sharing videos on Facebook. Even if you don’t have the official iPhone YouTube app, you can easily do it through the browser too.

Navigate to the YouTube video you wish to post onto your friend’s wall. Use the search function on YouTube to find someone else’s video or click “More,” which is located in the bottom right when you open the app, and select “My Videos” to find one you’ve uploaded.

Play the video if you’ve chosen one created by somebody else. Towards the top right of the video, there is a “Share” symbol (which is a rectangle with an arrow jumping out of it). Tap the symbol and select “Share” from the menu that pops up. Select “Clipboard” from the next menu which appears. This copies the location of the video to your iPhone’s clipboard (which works just like copy and pasting on a computer).

Select the video if it’s one you’ve uploaded, and then click “Share Video” from the three options below the link. This will bring a link up. Tap and hold on the link and then click “Select.” Drag the two points so that the entire link is highlighted. Select “Copy” to get the link onto your clipboard.

Leave YouTube and navigate to your friend’s Facebook wall. You can use Facebook in the way you ordinarily would. Search for your friend’s name using the search function or find them in your “Friends” list. Tap the name of the friend you want to share the video with. Locate the “Post” field on their wall. This will be towards the top, underneath their profile picture.

Tap and hold on the screen to bring up the pop-up menu. Select “Paste” and the URL will appear in the field. Facebook now displays better, stylised versions of links you post, so it won’t be a bare URL. You can even delete the URL and the link will still be in place. It may take a while for this to load, however.

Add a message if you want to say something personal as well as sharing the link. Click “Post” to put the video up on their wall.

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