Problems with vertical lines on a Philips LCD

Vertical lines could appear on your Philips LCD television if it receives a nasty knock. If you've accidentally damaged your set, this will be a matter for you to sort out with your insurance provider. If your television hasn't suffered a mischief, updating its software could solve your problem and allow you to get back to enjoying crystal clear pictures without the vertical lines.

Check that the vertical lines are present on all channels and when your device is displaying its menu. If the problem is limited to one channel, your problem will most likely be caused by a tuning issue. Consult your TV's user guide for advice on tuning.

Press "Menu" and select "Setup," followed by "Software update" and "Current software" to view your TV's software information. Make a note of the firmware version it's running.

Navigate to the support pages for your device on Philips' website (see Resources). Type your set's product name or number into the search box on the Philips support homepage and click on "Software & drivers." Compare the software your TV's running to the latest version. If you're running an older version of your set's software, you'll need to update it.

Download the .zip file from the support pages for your device, extract the .ecc file using your compression software and load it to the root directory of a USB memory stick. Click on "Computer" from your "Windows" menu and open an Explorer window for your USB stick. Drag and drop the *.ecc file to your USB stick's Explorer window to transfer it.

Disconnect your TV from its power supply, insert your memory stick into its USB port and reconnect your set. If your update doesn't begin automatically, press the "Power" button on your remote control. Press the "Power" button on your remote control twice to turn your set off before switching it back on again and re-tuning it.

Contact Philips' customer service department if updating your set's software doesn't rectify your problem. If your device is still under warranty, Philips should repair or replace your device.

Things You'll Need

  • Pen and paper
  • USB memory stick
  • File compression software
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