How to check PS3 region code

Sony’s PlayStation 3, or PS3, is a multi-function entertainment console. While it allows Internet access and plays DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, it is primarily a games machine. Like movie discs, games discs can have a region code. Almost all PS3 games, technically, are region-free, meaning that they can be played on any console, regardless of where they were purchased. However, add-ons, pricing, online access and censorship can “lock” them to certain regions.

Look in the manual that came with your PlayStation 3 console to determine the console’s region code. It is more than likely that it is from the region in which you live, although purchases made on-line could come from a different region.

Check the cover of your PlayStation 3 game. The region code should be displayed on the cover. There are four regions for PlayStation 3 games: Region1 (USA), Region 2 (Europe), Region 3 (Asia) and Region 4 (Australia).

Understand that games purchased in a region other than your own may have some content removed due to censorship laws in those regions. For instance, Australia has stricter censorship laws than in Europe.

Purchase games from retailers within your region. If purchasing online, check that the game has a compatible region code to your console.

Be aware that purchased add-ons to games are usually region-locked. Extra content for games – such as additional levels, maps or characters – is purchased from a PlayStation 3 retailer, and this content contains region-of-origin coding meaning that the files cannot be shared between different regional versions of the same game. Purchase any add-ons from a store in the region for which the game is coded.

Appreciate that while PlayStation 3 consoles allow multiple players to play a game through an Internet connection, you may not be able to play together if you are in different regions. Some games have local Internet servers meaning only gamers in those regions can connect to it.


If you have any questions about the region code of your game or console, contact PlayStation directly (see Resources).


DVD and Blu-Ray discs are not region-free and PlayStation 3 consoles will only play discs brought in the same region as the console.

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