Slim-Fast powder instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

Slim-Fast is a popular meal replacement plan. Following the 3- 2- 1 regime -- three snacks, two shakes and one balanced meal -- a dieter can experience weight loss success. Over the years this plan has evolved. In the beginning, the company offered powdered shake mixes alone. Through the years, however, they began catering to the busier lifestyles of millions of people, offering prepackaged shakes. The demand for both remains high as the desire to reach a healthy weight remains a priority in the lives of many.

Choose your flavor. Slim-Fast offers six flavours from which you can choose and include French Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Royale and Strawberry Supreme. Two high protein flavours are available as well -- Creamy Vanilla and Creamy Chocolate.

Read and follow the directions for measuring the amount of powder you need, using the scoop provided.

Pour the correct amount of powder into a cocktail shaker or blender.

Add your chosen liquid. You can choose 1/4 litre (8oz) of water or skim milk when mixing your powder. Add to the shaker or blender and cover tightly with the lid. One scoop of powder mixed with 1/4 litre of fat-free milk will yield a 200-calorie shake.

Mix for 10 seconds or until ice is crushed. When using a cocktail shaker, shake for 10 seconds. When using a blender, include 1/2 cup of ice with the ingredients and blend until the ice is crushed.

Things You'll Need

  • Cocktail shaker
  • Blender
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