How to find an old friend

Friends come and go, as they say, and sometimes–for a number of reasons–it is inevitable to lose touch with close friends. Fortunately, due to the power of the Internet and modern technology, it is easier than ever to track down an old friend and get back in touch again. The best way to get in touch with an old friend is to find his or her contact details first.

Use a people finder website to help you trace your old friend. Sites such as are dedicated to reuniting old friends and lost relatives from around the world. Other sites such as and the Post Office’s people finder tool, allow you to search for old friends using their names and location in the UK. Your search will return a matching name along with the person’s telephone number and postal address.

Make use of social networking sites, which can prove useful in finding old friends. According to a study by the Nielsen Company, in June 2010 Facebook had more than 24 million active users in the UK. Millions more were reported to be using other global networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn on a regular basis. As well as enabling you to keep in touch with your current friends, social networking sites can help you trace your old friend using his name or email address.

Search through Friends Reunited. Once registered, Friends Reunited allows you to look for old friends who may also be registered to the site. Using your old friend’s name, you can search through schools, universities and many different groups available.

Find an old friend using your regular phone directory. Knowing your friend’s full name, you can search through the residential A-Z listing of your local–or any that apply–phone book to find his contact details. If you are unsure of your old friend’s whereabouts, since BT produces 168 different geographic editions of the Phone Book, it may be worthwhile to use BT’s online telephone directory, On here, you can look for people’s telephone numbers and addresses.

Things You'll Need

  • Friend's name
  • Internet
  • Social networking account
  • The Phone Book
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