How to fix a Bose CineMate

The Bose CineMate system allows you to enjoy a near cinema-quality audio experience when viewing your DVD collection or other home entertainment media. If you're experiencing problems with your CineMate, troubleshoot your unit before contacting Bose customer services or taking it back to your local Bose dealer. If there's no serious malfunction, it's likely there's an issue with your system configuration.

Replace the fuse in the CineMate's plug and make sure the power socket it's connected to is working. Try plugging in another device to test it.

Disconnect the power lead from the Acoustimass module and the wall outlet for one minute.

Plug the module back in and make sure it's connected properly. A green LED light should flash ten times while the system initialises. The module should then enter standby mode.

Put new batteries in the CineMate's remote control and turn the unit on. The green LED should be lit solidly when the CineMate is on.

Make sure all cables are properly connected to the Acoustimass module and your input device. Check the connector plugs and the wires to make sure these are fully intact and there are no loose connections. If your wiring is damaged, you'll need to contact Bose customer services or your local Bose dealer to order replacements.

Select the correct input channel on your remote control. If you select the wrong channel, you won't hear anything. Double-check your connections to make sure you've hooked up your inputs to the correct channel.

Inspect the input device you're using to confirm that its audio output is enabled, is not using its internal speakers and its volume control is not muted. Also, make sure your input device is playing audio content — the method for doing so will depend on the type, make and model of input device you're using.


If your sound is distorting, turn down your input device's volume and check your cables.

Things You'll Need

  • New 13 amp fuse
  • Two new AA batteries or a CR2032 or DL2032 battery
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