How to Donate Suits to Homeless Shelters

Updated February 21, 2017

A July 2009 publication by the National Coalition for the Homeless states that according to demographic studies, single adult men and women make up the majority of the homeless population. These individuals are in need of shelter, food and clothing. Accordingly, members of the community can help those who are homeless by donating their unwanted (or outgrown) suits to shelters, where the clothing items will be given to homeless men and women as a charitable donation.

Determine which suits from your closet to donate and put them into a pile. Look for suits that you have not worn in a long time, no longer fit into or that you simply do not want anymore. Empty out all of the pockets to make sure all receipts and other pocket items are cleaned out. Put the suits neatly into a bag (such as a garbage bag) or a box, depending on how heavy the pile is.

Look up homeless shelters in your area on the Internet. Look at the shelters' websites to see whether they accept donated clothes. Call the homeless shelter if it does not give information out on their website, or if it does not have a website. Ask the person who answers at the homeless shelter if it accepts donations.

Make sure if you have women's suits to donate that you deliver and donate the suits to a women's or a co-ed shelter, as opposed to a shelter that is for males only. If you have men's suits to donate, make sure they go to a shelter that houses men.

Find out what hours the homeless shelter is open and if the shelter has specific hours for accepting donations. Get directions to the shelter if the part of town is unfamiliar to you.

Ask friends, family and neighbours if they have anything they would like to donate to the homeless shelter, so that you can make one trip and bring a number of items.

Help the volunteers at the homeless shelter by writing down the size of your suits on a note and taping it to the bag or box you are delivering the clothes in.


It is good form to make sure your suits are clean and any tears are mended before donating clothes to a homeless shelter. Have your suits dry cleaned ahead of time so that you may provide the recipients of your donation with a clean wardrobe. Consider donating suits to other charitable organisations that work in conjunction with homeless shelters, such as The Salvation Army and The Department of Veterans Affairs.

Things You'll Need

  • Suit
  • Garbage bag/box
  • Sticky note
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