Causes of eye bleeding

Written by fiona miller
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Bleeding of the eye can be scary and painful. Depending on the reason, bleeding from the eye can be extremely minor and no cause for alarm. However, in some cases, bleeding from the eye can threaten vision, in which case a call to 911 is advisable.

Minor Causes of Eye Bleeding

Sometimes, eyes spontaneously haemorrhage after small forces of trauma to the eye, such as a severe coughing fit, vomiting, a violent sneezing fit, straining while lifting weights, eye rubbing or high blood pressure. If the bleeding from your eye is relatively minor and there is an obvious connection to straining, it is usually no cause for concern. However, if your eye has seemingly spontaneously started to bleed or you seem to experience it frequently, see an ophthalmologist to rule out anything more serious.

Trauma to the Eye

Trauma to the eye can also cause bleeding. This kind of trauma includes, but is not limited to, being hit in the eye with an object (such as a ball, arm or elbow), being involved in a fight, falling, having glasses shatter in the eye or being punctured in the eye with a foreign object.

What to Do In Case of Trauma

If you or someone you know experiences trauma to the eye that causes bleeding, assess the situation first. If there is no object lodged in the eye, cover the eye with a plastic cup or a bandage and tape it in place, if possible, and take the person to the local emergency room. In the event that the person is bleeding so profusely that you must change the bandage, call 911 immediately.

Do not attempt to remove objects lodged in the eye. Instead, try and stabilise the person so she does not move. Only a trained professional should attempt to pull an object that is lodged in or has punctured the eyeball. If the victim is wearing contact lenses or glasses that have shattered in the eyes, do not attempt to remove them. Call 911 immediately.

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