How Does an Exercise Bike Tone Your Hips & Stomach?

Updated February 21, 2017

The exercise bike is effective in toning hips and stomach because it burns calories so quickly. In just 15 minutes, you can burn about 100 calories riding an exercise bike. This number varies with age, weight and your conditioning. Calorie burning is the number one way to tone any muscle group, and it can lead to substantial weight loss all over the body. The body stores fat in the hips and stomach. To tone them, you need to start losing this stored body fat. Vigorous exercise on the bike is one way to do this.

Weights and Toning

In addition, the exercise bike will use the hips and stomach as secondary muscles during the work out. The hip muscles are used slightly as legs are extended and pulled back in. The upper hips and stomach muscles are also used as the legs are brought up in the pedal rotation. This secondary use will add some tone to your hips and stomach. This combined with the calorie loss and fat burning from the exercise will lead to a toned stomach and hips.

Increasing Toning with the Bike

Adding weight or resistance to the bike is one way to increase muscle tone. Some exercise bikes have electronic settings that allow you to set modes. While hill climb mode might help you build your leg muscles, a calorie burning or cardio setting will increase the amount of fat you burn overall. That will lead to more toning of your entire body, including the hips and stomach.

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