How long does it take to grow back eyebrows?

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you just love your current brow shape after plucking, threading or shaving, or hate it and are dying for your eyebrows to grow back in, a major question is how long it will take the brows to grow back. Knowing how long it will take to return to "normal" can make a big difference in how you feel, and how you handle your hair removal schedule.

The Good News and the Bad

The good news is that eyebrow hair grows on a very short cycle compared to head hair. Head hair cycles in over a five- to six-year period. Eyebrow hair cycles over a few months. The bad news is that eyebrows are slow growing: roughly one third as fast as head hair. The average rate of growth for an eyebrow is 0.16mm per day--slower than even the hair on your thigh, which grows in at an average of 0.25mm per day.

Hair growth throughout the body is affected by health and by age. The shortest periods to replace an eyebrow hair are for prepubescent children and mature adults, at 58 and 56 days respectively. The longest are for pubescent children and for adults in retirement age, at 65 and 73 days to eyebrow hair replacement.

The Average Wait From Plucking.

If you pluck your brows or thread them, the average time it will take for your brows to grow back in is about 56 days: nearly two months. Shaving is a harder thing to determine. Because the growth pattern of the follicle isn't interrupted, the hair will continue for as long as remains in the natural growth cycle. It will then fall out, and the cycle will begin again from scratch.

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