Troubleshooting a Bose Nissan Pathfinder Auto CD Player

Updated February 21, 2017

The Nissan Pathfinder is a sport/utility vehicle that can be upgraded to contain a six-disc CD changer by Bose. Bose is one of the most reputable speaker companies, but it also makes CD changers and players for car stereo systems. A six-disc CD changer allows the user to pre-load six separate CDs and choose which disc to play. However, six-disc changers are known for having problems because of the fact that it is handling multiple CDs at a time. There are few common problems that can occur in with Bose CD players in Nissan Pathfinders. These issues can often be resolved by following a few troubleshooting steps.

What if a CD won't play

The most common issue with the Bose CD player in Nissan Pathfinders is that a CD simply won't play. Usually when this occurs, the screen will say "player error" and the system will not play the CD. One possible solution to this problem can be to simply eject all of the CDs one at a time and reload them. To do this, click the disc selector button and then the eject button for each CD. Often times ejecting and reloading CDs will fix the problem. The problem also may be due to an imperfection or scratch on the CD itself. If this is the case, check to make sure the CD that is not playing does not have any major imperfections.

What if a CD won't eject

Another major problem with Bose CD players in Nissan Pathfinders is that a particular CD will not eject. When this occurs, a grinding sound may occur, but the CD will not eject. Often times the CD will still play, but sometimes it will not. One possible solution is to disconnect the battery terminal, wait five to ten minutes, and reconnect the battery terminal. This should "reset" the entire CD system and should solve the problem. If it does not, professional repair will be needed. To disconnect a battery terminal in a Nissan, open the bonnet and remove the negative connection from the battery to the car using battery terminal puller. Be sure to read the car manual before performing this action.

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