How Does a Coccyx Cushion Help With Tailbone Pain?

Updated February 21, 2017

Tail bone pain can be a result of a medical condition, an injury or be idiopathic (a symptom without a known cause). Sitting can be very painful with tail bone pain, because sitting naturally puts pressure on the tail bone. Coccyx cushions are designed to take pressure off of the tail bone. Tail bone pressure is relieved because the cushions shift body weight to other parts of the body. Coccyx cushions can be purchased at most chemists and online (see Resources below).

Shapes of Coccyx Cushions

There are two main types of coccyx cushions: doughnut-shaped with a hole in the middle, and a square cushion with a hole cut out in the back where the tail bone rests when sitting. Both types of cushions are designed to relieve tail bone pressure. The square-shaped cushion is very popular because it eliminates tail bone contact when sitting. The hole in the back makes it so that the tail bone does not touch the cushion or anything else.

Homemade Coccyx Cushions

A coccyx cushion can be made at home by following these directions: Buy a piece of foam several inches thick. Any type of foam will work. Memory foam is a popular choice because it stands up to lengthy use. Cut the foam into a square shape in a size that will fit in the seat of a chair. Cut a 3-by-3 inch square-shaped hole in the back centre of the cushion. Sit on the cushion to test how it feels. Cut the square smaller if needed. Make the back hole larger if needed. The back hole needs to be larger if the cushion touches the tail bone when sitting.

Coccyx Cusions in a Pinch

If tail bone pain hits and you don't have a coccyx cushion, there are some household items that can be used in a pinch: Sit on a horseshoe-shaped neck pillow so that the opening is faced behind you. Twist a blanket up a form it into to a horseshoe shape. Sit on it with the opening towards your back.

Sitting Positions

If you do not have a coccyx cushion, you can try siting in the following unconventional positions to relieve tail bone pressure: Sit backwards on a chair. Your face should be facing the back of the chair. Lean forward and rest your arms on the back of the chair. Sit on your knees. Sit on the side of your butt. You should be sitting on the outside of one butt cheek. Straddle the arm of the couch. You should be facing the back of the couch. Lean your arms on the back of the couch.

Don't Forget Your Cushion

Bring your coccyx cushion with you everywhere. When you have tail bone pain, even a few minutes of sitting without a coccyx cushion can cause a lot of pain. Bring your cushion with you in your car, to your office, to your friends' houses and anywhere else you might go.

Paying for Your Coccyx Cushion

Coccyx cushions can be purchased for around £19. Some brands can cost significantly more. Check with your doctor and your insurance company about buying a coccyx cushion. Some health insurance companies will pay for a coccyx cushion if your doctor recommends or prescribes one.

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