My reclining chair is broken

Updated February 21, 2017

Reclining chairs vary in structural complexity, and can range from relatively simple mechanisms to fully motorised systems. A broken recliner can be uncomfortable and prove troublesome to fix.


Certain trouble signs indicate a mechanical problem with a reclining chair; a chair that leans to one side, makes odd popping sounds when the occupant shifts his weight, has a foot rest that seems to pop out at random, or fails to recline or return to its normal position probably needs repair.


In addition to the obvious annoyances of sitting in an uneven or uncomfortable position, use of a broken recliner can actually pose health risks for occupants. Sitting in a broken recliner can eventually lead to back, neck or leg problems, as well as headaches.


Because of the complexity of the reclining mechanism, a broken component in a recliner usually requires professional repair or replacement. Owners should include the make, model and unit data when contacting the furniture store or repair shop. Recliners generally have a tag displaying this information.

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