Government Help for Replacing House Windows

Written by shauna zamarripa | 13/05/2017
Government Help for Replacing House Windows
Get help for replacing windows. (Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

Windows do more for a home than simply allow a flow of light throughout the dwelling. Home windows are a major entry and exit point for air, thusly affecting energy efficiency. When windows need replacing, there are options available for homeowners in the form of funds from the government.

Department of Energy

The Department of Energy offers homeowners a Weatherization Assistance Program grant that helps low-income families renovate their windows. The family must meet the income guidelines of being below the poverty line to qualify for the grant money, however, and the list of applicants can be very lengthy.

Department of Housing and Urban Development

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers window replacement grants of up to £9,750. This grant is only available to homeowners meeting HUD's low-income guidelines and who agree to help build or renovate the windows themselves.

Tax Credit

The IRS provides an Energy Star tax incentive to homeowners when replacing windows, provided that the window replacements are Energy Star certified. The current tax incentive is a 30 per cent credit of the total cost of the windows.


Even if a homeowner does not qualify for a government grant program, he is able to apply for a tax credit and home improvement tax deduction on his income taxes. Despite the fact that the owner must front the money for the replacements, there are still substantial savings on window replacements at tax time.

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