My White Bird of Paradise Leaves Are Turning Brown

Updated November 21, 2016

White bird of paradise (Strelitzia nicolai) is an herbaceous plant that bears white flowers resembling a bird in flight. It has large paddle-like leaves that may turn brown due to a variety of causes.

Freeze Burn

Bird of paradise are tropical plants, vulnerable to damage from freezing temperatures. If a bird of paradise plant freezes, its leaves may turn brown. The brown leaves can be pruned away to allow for new growth.

Tap Water

Fluoride in the water you use to water your bird of paradise plants can cause unsightly damage to its leaves. Over time, the chemicals may build up in the leaves and cause its leaves to brown at the tips.

Fungal Leaf Spot

Fungal leaf spots, caused by fungi or bacteria, can cause brown or black spots to appear on the leaves of the white bird of paradise plant. While the spots prove to be unsightly, they do not threaten the overall well-being of the plant and can be treated with fungicides.

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