Problems with suzuki outboards

Updated April 17, 2017

Suzuki Marine is a designer and manufacturer of 4-stroke marine outboard motors ranging from 2 horsepower to 300 horsepower. There are a number of problems associated with these motors that have common solutions.

Warning Buzzer

Suzuki outboard motors come equipped with warning buzzers that have unique meanings. When the warning buzzer sounds, check the monitor gauge for the specific reason. If the buzzer sounds as a result of overheating, there will likely be a decrease in the engine's rpm.


Engine performance may decrease as a result of salt and other impurities becoming lodged throughout the motor. Suzuki outboard motors come with water flush ports with a garden hose attachment. Use a hose to flush impurities from the motor on a regular basis.

Failing or Failed Battery

Automotive batteries cannot withstand the demands of marine outboard engines. Using automotive batteries can result in continual performance problems; always use marine batteries. Even marine batteries can have trouble withstanding the demands of electrical accessories. If you use electrical accessories, use deep-cycle batteries to ensure they will not fail during use. Batteries should be recharged after every trip.

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