Submeter installation

Updated February 21, 2017

Submeters are electronic devices used to calculate usage of utilities in areas of a building. Sub meters are often used to calculate bills in apartment buildings, government and educational facilities.


There are a variety of submeters developed by manufacturers capable of calculating utility usage, such as electrical and water use. Residential submeters can be installed by the user without disrupting power supplies.


Large scale developments, such as the construction of apartment complexes, require installation of submeters by licensed technicians. For example, in the City of Los Angeles non-residential submeters must be installed by a licensed technician and inspected following installation by a department of sanitation inspector.


In large scale construction environments, submeters are often installed as construction of units is completed. Submeters are usually installed prior to residents taking possession of a unit to allow for electrical installation of submetering equipment.

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