Mazda 3 Seat Removal

Updated March 23, 2017

The Mazda 3 is a compact sedan that was introduced for the 2004 model. It replaced the Protege in Mazda's line-up. The procedure for removing the seats is essentially the same on all Mazda 3 models, as automotive seats have the same mounting design.

Safety Precautions

Some Mazda 3 models come with airbags mounted in the outboard side of the front seats. These models will have a small tag on the side marked "SRS." If your Mazda 3 has side airbags, you must disarm the airbags prior to removing the seats. Open the hood, disconnect the negative battery cable with a wrench and wait 20 minutes to fully discharge the power reserve and disarm the airbags.

Reasons for Seat Removal

You might want to remove one or more of the seats from your Mazda 3 for a number of reasons. Typical reasons include installing new seats, making interior modifications and removing the car's carpet.


Remove the seat from your Mazda 3 by prying off the plastic cover from the seat tracks below. The seat tracks are the rails that attach the seat to the floorboard. Once the covers are removed, remove the seat mounting bolts using a socket wrench. Check beneath the seat for wiring harnesses and, if found, unplug them. Lift the seat out to remove it.

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