Ford radio display problems

Written by brock cooper | 13/05/2017
Ford radio display problems
There are many causes for Ford radio display problems. (Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Most Ford automobiles come standard with radios. Time, electrical and atmospheric problems can cause the radio display to malfunction. Recognise the problem and have a mechanic fix it or do it yourself.

No Display

When you turn on the radio, if the sound comes out, but there is no display, there is a problem with the display power supply or circuit board. Replacement of the problem parts takes care of the issue and returns the display to normal.

No light

When the radio is on, if you see the display numbers during the day but not in the dark, the lamp behind the display is burning out. Remove and replace the lamp, and the display will be back to normal.

Black Mark on the Display

If something hit the display and now there is black blotch, the LCD display screen broke and the liquid seeped into the display area. Replace the screen, and the display will return to normal.

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