Audi TT dash light meanings

Written by mike evans | 13/05/2017

The Audi TT is manufactured in Hungary for the German car manufacturer Audi. It is a two-door sports car with a multitude of features including an adjustable steering column and an antitheft alarm. The dash of the Audi TT contains a wide range of indicator lights to help you properly maintain the vehicle.

Green Lights

Green lamps indicate noncritical functions. There are two main green lights. The green light in the shape of two arrows pointing away from each other horizontally indicates that the hazard lights are blinking. The green light with two lamps shining away from each other horizontally indicate that the side lights or headlights are on.

Yellow Lights

Yellow lamps indicate functions that are necessary but not critical to immediate car maintenance safety concerns. The yellow light in the shape of the letter "EPC" indicates that the engine needs to be serviced by a professional as soon as possible. The yellow lamp in the shape of the letters "ABS" indicates that the anti-lock breaking system has been engaged.

Red Lights

Red lights indicate functions that must be dealt with before the car may be safely driven. The most important red light includes an exclamation mark surrounded by a circle and two semicircles on the right and left sides. This indicates that there is a fault in the braking system. The red light in the shape of an oil can (or an oil lamp) indicates that the engine pressure is too low.

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