Specifications for a Foxconn LS-36 Motherboard

Updated July 19, 2017

The Foxconn LS-36 is a computer mainboard used exclusively in the Dell Dimensions OptiPlex GX270 mini-tower desktop computer systems. This small, form-factor motherboard includes a number of standard features.

LS-36 Microprocessor

The Foxconn LS-36 uses an Intel 856 chipset and has support for a number of Intel Pentium and Celeron microprocessors including Pentium 4 processors. The motherboard includes a Level 1 data cache capable of 8 kilobytes and a Level 2 cache that can be configured to handle either 128, 256, 512 kilobytes or 1 megabyte, depending on system set-up.

LS-36 Memory

The Foxconn LS-36 mainboard includes a number of memory connectors for connecting either 333 or 400 megahertz DDR SDRAM system memory. LS-36 mainboards installed in a small form-factor computer are capable of 2 GB system memory, while small desktop and small mini-tower computers with the installed mainboard can have up to 4 GB of installed system memory.

Audio, Video and Expansion

The Foxconn LS-36 mainboard includes integrated audio and video capabilities built directly into the board itself and is capable of AC97, 16-bit audio playback. Expansion possibilities for the LS-36 include slots for PCI, AGP cards, as well as available slots for USB 2.0 devices.

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