Homemade Motorcycle Backrest

Written by eric benac | 13/05/2017

Motorcycle seats can be very uncomfortable for many riders. Adding a homemade backrest can make your motorcycle ride more comfortable. Never try to make your own backrest unless you are skilled in building them.

Backrest Definition

A motorcycle backrest is a small seat that sits behind the bottom of your back. On motorcycles with backrests, even homemade backrests, it can provide extra support for your lower back. Without backrests, you have to support your back using only your muscles.

Tools Needed

There are many tools you need to create a backrest. The materials and tools vary depending on how you choose to make your backrest. However, you are likely to need a saw, plywood, foam, a knife, upholstery, fabric, scissors, a sewing machine, thread, tacks and screws.

Building Process

Use your saw to cut the plywood into a shape for your backrest. Cut the foam using the knife and tack it to your wood. Sew upholstery and fabric to the outside of the backrest. Screw the finished seat to a wooden post, which is then screwed into place on the back of your seat, with the padded area of your seat facing your back.


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